Security & Privacy

Our commitment to data sovereignty, privacy, and customized deployment options ensures that your recruitment process is not only efficient but also fully compliant with the highest standards of data protection.

Servers are In Kingdom
  • Can be hosted on Cloud Infrastructure in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Server location promotes faster data retrieval and lower latency
  • Local hosting complies with local data protection and sovereignty laws
We comply with local cyber security standards
  • Compliance with local regulations is our topmost priority
  • We adhere to all guidelines by the National Data Management Office
  • We ensures utmost respect and protection for personal data, guarding against misuse and unauthorized access
Data can be isolated
  • Deployment of a strict data isolation strategy, ensuring your data is stored in a dedicated and secure environment
  • Data access is strictly limited to your authorized personnel; our team does not have direct access
  • Guarantee of confidentiality and protection from unauthorized access to your sensitive information
On premise deployment
  • We offer the flexibility to deploy our platform on your premises
  • To ensure optimal functionality and service delivery of our SaaS platform, a secure connection to our server is required
  • Our hybrid model gives you full control over your data while leveraging the advantages of our cloud services