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Resume Evaluation

Automatically ranks large volumes of resumes by assigning scores to each candidate. These scores are calculated based on the degree of alignment between the candidate's qualifications and the job requirements, simplifying the initial screening process.

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Optimized for English and Arabic Interviews

Uptal supports interviews in both English and Arabic, offering a seamless and efficient evaluation process for these languages. This feature ensures your hiring process is inclusive and effective, catering to a diverse talent pool.


Accelerated Hiring

With Uptal, not only do you significantly reduce your hiring timeline, but you also enhance the quality of your hires. Our system ensures instant and consistent evaluations, ensuring that you get the best candidates in a fraction of the time.

Additional Features

Enhance your recruitment process with our robust technical and psychometric assessments to accurately gauge candidate capabilities, alongside efficient workflow & automations that streamline task management.

Technical Assessments

Test a candidate's expertise and knowledge in specific subject areas, ensuring they possess the necessary skills for the targeted job role.


Psychometric Assessments

Comprehensive evaluation of candidates, utilizing a range of tools including aptitude tests, situational judgement tests, IQ tests, and emotional intelligence tests. These assessments, available in multiple choice and video formats, are designed to gauge a candidate's skills, decision-making abilities, intellectual potential, and emotional and behavioral traits, aiding in identifying the most suitable candidates for specific roles.


Workflow & Automations

Automates essential recruitment tasks such as closing application forms based on received CV volume or scores, sending invitations for one-way video interviews, distributing job requisitions, and handling managerial approvals. This ensures a more efficient and effective management of the hiring process.


Uptal Connects With Your Tools

Uptal ensures that your hiring process is not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated with the tools you already utilize. Our platform is designed to effortlessly blend into your existing workflow, providing a unified, streamlined experience.

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Avoid the Common Recruitment Pitfalls

Unconscious Bias

Defend against the unseen, unintentional biases that subtly infiltrate hiring decisions, ensuring every candidate is evaluated on merit alone

Inefficient Hiring Workflows

Safeguard against the unnoticed drain of inefficient hiring practices, ensuring your recruitment process is streamlined and cost-effective

Inconsistent Evaluation

Avoid the risk of uneven reviews, making sure all candidates are judged fairly and equally Guard against the subtle unfairness caused by

Applicant Unfairness

Guard against the subtle unfairness caused by recruiter fatigue, ensuring late applicants receive the same careful consideration as the first

94% of Candidates are Satisfied

A staggering 94% of candidates found our video interview process easy to navigate, experiencing no issues during their interactions. We’re dedicated to maintaining and improving this seamless experience for all future candidates.

What Candidates are Saying

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

I actually think that the process was good. Of course, this was unexpected (the actual questions) so it really puts the candidate "on the spot" and you have to "think on your feet" which I think is good.

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

Overall, it's a good interface.

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

It was very delighted experience.

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

My experience was good. The interview was easy and I had no problems. I liked being able to answer questions in my own time. It was comfortable and straightforward for me.

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

It was a great and amazing experience for interview.

Anonymus Candidate Saudi Arabia

Simple - no issues.