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Access to Top Talent

Hire an AI Recruiter to find the most qualified candidate profiles for any job position effortlessly.

Choice of Industry Leaders

Uptal is the top choice for companies embracing modern recruitment technology.

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How Does it Work?

It only takes 2 simple steps to find the top talent that you're looking for.

Step 1
Simply enter the job title, level of seniority, job details (such as location and workplace type), and a detailed job description.
Step 2
It took less than 2 mins to set up the request. Once your request is submitted, your AI recruiter gets to work immediately.
That's it!
The AI recruiter will start sending you highly qualified candidate profiles that perfectly match your requirements so that you can start the interview process immediately.

Pricing Plans for Teams of All Sizes

Choose the most suitable plan for your company and start hiring the best talent today.


What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Uptal

“I was hiring for a very difficult role to fill. I tried about five different recruitment services, and all of them couldn't find me the ideal candidate. I was ready to accept the fact that this candidate might not exist, but then I decided to try Uptal. I was extremely surprised when they provided me with not one, but five extremely qualified candidates!”

Abdullah Al-Khorasani

“Uptal solved our struggle to find the right candidates, helping us fill positions quickly with qualified talent.”

Abdullah Alzain

“We love using Uptal. It makes the process of sifting through candidates a breeze.”

Danial Kaysi
Associate Director
We stand behind the quality of our service with a satisfaction guarantee.
At our core, we are committed to enhancing the recruitment process. We recognize the importance of securing the right talent for your business's success. Our AI Recruiter is engineered to pinpoint and provide the most qualified candidates, customized to meet your specific requirements. Confident in the capabilities of our technology to produce notable outcomes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not receive qualified CVs within the first week, we guarantee a complete refund. We are dedicated to ensuring your recruitment process is efficient and effective.
Faisal Alshareef
CEO of Uptal

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